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12 September 2023

  • curprev 10:0310:03, 12 September 2023Jb1 talk contribs 8,393 bytes +2,035 →‎Stat Block
  • curprev 10:0110:01, 12 September 2023Jb1 talk contribs 6,358 bytes +6,358 Created page with "Category:CreatureCategory:AI {{InfoBox |Title=Sandie |Image=Sandie.png |Subtitle=Elemental lizards of the desert |Description=Small desert lizards with elemental powers |Environments=Deserts, arid wastelands, rocky caves, ruins, underground tunnels |Allies= |Enemies=Predators in the desert such as snakes and birds of prey, adventurers who disturb their habitat }} As the party ventures through the scorching desert, they spot a small lizard blending in with the sa..."